Sunday, November 7, 2010

Outline for the Second Term Paper


A. Into: Flight happens when an object moves through the air by generating lift and thrust or the ballistics. Yet there are so many movies with flighting objects that simply wouldn't ever get off the ground.

Zardoz - Flying Head

The Nightmare before Christmas - Jack's Slay

Return to Oz - Flying Moose couch

B. Zardoz Giant rocks heads flying though the sky aren't possible

i. It has no way to possibly fly - Doesn't glide, no lift, no thrust.

ii. Not aerodynamic

iii. Weight alone wouldn't get it off the ground.

C. The Nightmare before Christmas jacks flies a slay through the sky with three reindeer lead by zero the dog.

i. no action reaction on the skeleton reindeers feet and the ground. No way for it to move forward.

ii. no source of trust to propel in air

iii. wouldn't get very far with dead animals.

D. Return to Oz: Magically flapping palm fronds couldn't support A moose head, some couches, Dorothy, Tik-Tok, Jack Pumpkim head a chicken.

i. mimics flying and gliding in animals but birds have light have hallow bones and giant wing spans.

ii. Drag Created by aerodynamic friction

iii. Weight

E. Conclusion


  1. Flesh out this outline before starting work on the paper.
    8 out of 10 points

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